Maldrich is a participation company and fulfilment provider, which specialises in particular in the area of healthy food and cosmetics. We improve the profitability of promising trading companies, increase business opportunities, offer fulfilment services and invest in sustainable and innovative start-ups. For the purpose of allowing our partners to grow and develop further. 

The name Maldrich was not chosen by accident. It is a tribute to the inventor of online shopping: Michael Maldrich. This inventor, innovator and entrepreneur invented teleshopping in 1979. A technique that later became known as e-commerce. Aldrich started working on Mrs Snowball’s question on the basis of a municipal initiative to help senior citizens. She wanted to be able to order her shopping from the local supermarket from her chair because she had broken her hip and was no longer very mobile. The supermarket subsequently delivered the shopping at her home neatly packed. Aldrich demonstrated that people were able to perform transactions from their home and thus designed the first online business-to-consumer shopping system. 

Many companies are aware that there are many opportunities online. A large number of them have already found their way to an online retail channel and those that remain are still searching for the right approach. Practice shows that the majority of the attempts to start up a channel independently ends within five years. The main causes are often an incorrect approach to online marketing, liquidity problems, excessive logistics costs or smarter competitors with better insights and reporting. 

Maldrich offers its partners opportunities to further develop or strengthen core activities. Moreover, you will have access to a fulfilment centre that is far more advanced than you could ever realise yourself. 

Bundling large volumes and reinvestment allows to build together on a state-of-the-art fulfilment centre provided with the latest technologies and innovations. More importantly, as a Maldrich partner you wind up in an environment where everyone can learn from each other and where knowledge and experience are shared. We consider it important that you voice is heard and that is why matters such as a long-term vision and short lines of communication are a matter of course for us.