The number of webshops continues to grow. How do you handle all of those orders from a logistics perspective? And how do you handle customers who are becoming ever more demanding and who expect no less than top service when ordering something online? Maldrich knows exactly what it takes to set up a sound fulfilment organisation that keeps you and your customers satisfied. 

We know like no other that technology plays a decisive role in fulfilment activities that also focus centrally on matters such as high expectations and other emotions. For example, if a consumer is waiting for an order that should have been delivered today. Perception in B2C is different than in B2B, which is not nearly always understood in a B2B environment. Consumers have high expectations and alternatives are easy to find online. 

Bringing together the pick-pack-ship operation of our partners in our state-of-the-art fulfilment centres allows us to consolidate volumes and we always work with the latest systems and technologies. This how we generate more from fulfilment together, because companies that in control of their data have a greater competitive edge. Maldrich arranges for the entire back office, which we do door-to-door anywhere in the world. We also provide you with a full service in the area of local legislation, carrier services and customs services.  

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