Maldrich is a participation company and fulfilment provider, which specialises in particular in the area of healthy food and cosmetics. We improve the profitability of promising trading companies, increase business opportunities, offer fulfilment services and invest in sustainable and innovative start-ups. For the purpose of allowing our partners to grow and develop further. 



Commerce is a ‘booming business’ and the end of growth is not nearly in sight. Especially where it concerns healthy food and cosmetics. Maldrich participates in trading companies that wish to realise or strengthen their commerce strategy. We provide capital, experience, knowledge and fulfilment services for this purpose. We attach great importance to long-term cooperation on the basis of trust and equality. 

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Consumers are becoming ever more demanding and expect no less than top service from commerce companies. Specialist knowledge is required, especially in certain domains such as healthy food. Maldrich complies with the requirements of fulfilment activities by brining together volumes and by working on a specialised environment. For example in the area of local legislation, carrier services and customs services. ‘First time right’ is the only thing that counts for us. 

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Maldrich attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. We invest not only sustainable and innovative companies, we also take our responsibility for the reduction of our CO2 footprint. Inter alia by managing transport flows, bundling shipments, cooperating with companies and education in the area of sustainability and by forming part of dynamic innovation cluster in Venlo.  

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Increasing profitability 

We increase your ratios as well as your business opportunities.

State-of-the-art fulfilment centre

Our fulfilment operation is provided with the latest technologies.

Long-term cooperation

We invest in partnerships based on trust and equality.

Maldrich network 

Our large network of partners in which knowledge and experience are shared.

CO2 footprint

Inter alia by means of the recyclable packaging designed by us.


Maldrich has more than 35 years’ experience in the industry.