Nature and nature conservation are very important if you as a company participate in the world of healthy food and cosmetics. We therefore like to contribute to a better and cleaner world. We do so by investing in sustainable and innovative start-ups that make the fulfilment chain more environmentally friendly and by cooperating with companies, universities of applied sciences and other universities. The Municipality of Venlo, where we are established, applies the principles of cradle to cradle in both the city and the region. This has created a dynamic, innovative and sustainable cluster in Venlo that benefits Maldrich. Important trends and developments in the area of innovation and sustainability are applied in our business operations all over the world. 

There are a total of approximately 550 million cardboard boxes that pass through the entire supply chain from webshop to consumer each year. This results in the box that has been used once disappearing into the paper bin. Maldrich believes in a sustainable packaging that can be used dozens of times so that the burden on the environment can be reduced further. As a company, we support and participate in the development of sustainable packaging. This is how we not only create a better world, but we also align with the guideline and related objectives of the European Union in the area of packaging and packaging waste. We are currently investigating how we can shape this further together with Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Wageningen University & Research. 

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